Premium Tea Leaves + Fresh Fruit + Quality Milk


 Wholesome, Healthy, Refreshing Drinks

Drinks Topped off with Soft Salted Creamy Cheese Foam

Milk tea

Premium Tea and Matcha + Milk

Fruit tea

Fruit Tea

Premium Tea + Fresh Fruit

Strawberry Jasmine(Popular)

Strawberry Oolong

Very Strawberry (New)

Mango Jasmine (Popular)

Mango Oolong

Very Mango (New)

Lemon Lime Jasmine

Lemon Lime Oolong

Very Lemonade

Citrus Honey (Throat Soothing)

Watermelon Jasmine (Seasonal)***

Watermelon Oolong (Seasonal)***

Caramel or Dirty Pudding

Caramel or

Dirty(Brown Sugar) Pudding

Custard Pudding + Caramel or Brown Sugar Milk

(Strongly Recommended with Tapioca Boba)

Caramel or Dirty Egg Pudding

Caramel or Dirty Taro Pudding 

Caramel or Dirty Mango Pudding

Caramel or Dirty Grass(Herbal) Jelly 

Dirty Milk Boba (Popular+Trendy)

Dirty Tea Boba 

Milk Or Milkies

Milk or Milkies

Milk = Over the Ice

Milkies = Blend with Ice

Fresh Milk

Strawberry Milk

Mango Milk

Strawberry Milkies

Mango Milkies

Oreo Milkies

Mint Oreo Milkies

Watermelon Milkies (Seasonal)***

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