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Ingredients Matter.

Fresh Milks, Fresh Fruits,

and more importantly, Fresh Teas

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our teas contains a strong Scent with recognizable taste. when our tea leaves mixed with our drinks, it present the true meaning of perfect combination.

Jasmine Green Tea Leaves.jpg

Jasmine Green Tea

Origin of our Jasmine Green Tea is from Fujian, China.

Taste Description:

Sweet with floral scent and a perfumed aroma.


Lower the risk of heart Disease

Lower the risk of Mental Decline

Improve Oral Health

Boost Brain Function

Anti-Aging diet


Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Black Tea

Originally from China, brought to Sri Lanka in 19th Century.

Taste Description:

Bold, full and brisk citrus aroma.


Improves heart health

Improves blood sugar control

Helps with weight loss.


Ceylon Black Tea.jpg
Wulong Tea leaves.jpg

Mountain Oolong Tea

Origin of Oolong can be traced to Fujian Province of China.

Taste Description:

Floral, Fruity, Bold thick mouthfeel. 


Lowering blood pressure

Decreasing vascular imflammation

Improve Oral Health

Boost Brain Function

Anti-Aging diet


Thai Tea

Known in Thailand as Cha Yen, strongly-brewed black tea with spices such as star anise, crushed tamarind seed and etc.

Taste Description:

Mix with condensed milk, creamy, vanilla-like taste traditionally very sweet.


Rich in antioxidants

Anti-inflmmatory benefits

Improves Immune System


Thai Tea.jpg


Origin of Japan. Finely grounded green tea leaves

Taste Description:

Generally bitter tasty flavor. However, ceremonial grades of Matcha can be buttery, creamy, smooth taste.


Help protect the liver

Boosts Brain Function

May help promote heart health

May help prevent cancer


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