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Thai ice cream continues to be one of the most popular desserts that is as much fun to watch as it is to eat. The process takes about two minutes. To start, the customer chooses their flavor combinations. Then the ice cream specialist pours a cup of Milk Jar's own milk ice cream base onto the frozen pan set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, mixes it, stirs it, and chops it until the ice cream slowly freezes up. The chef will then spread out the ice cream into a flat rectangle across the frozen pan then roll it up. After the process is over, the customer gets to choose their favorite toppings from the topping list to top it off.

Bubble Tea has been a popular asian drink sweeping through the  U.S. for the past decade. The evolution of bubbles evolved from the traditional Black Ceylon Tea combined with milk and boba
(Tapioca) to where we are today where the customer can choose their tea base, their milk, and their toppings. Fruit tea is also a popular choice where customers can choose to blend their tea with whichever fruit they prefer. The newest trend in the milk tea industry is the Milk Cap, which is made of various ingredients like cream cheese, heavy cream, and a touch fo salt. It's like drinking melted cheesecake that's layered on top of your drink

Cereal Bar is a new trend that is continuing to grow in California and New York. It's a much simpler process to make compared to Thai ice cream. The process involves the customer choosing their favorite cereal from a list, then they get to choose their dressing or drizzle, after that they get to choose their toppings from the topping list to go along with the cereal. Then finally, fresh milk will be provide to them.

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